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Our Services

Carpets, Oriental, Wool & Area Rugs

Have Spots, Spills, and Everyday living made your carpets look less attractive?

It’s time for Crystal Clean to bring those carpets, Oriental, and area rugs back to life. Using are unique low moisture, carbonated cleaner to penetrate each carpet fiber, the cleaner will dissolve, lift and remove the stains, soil, and allergens leaving you with a Fresher, Quick Drying, and Healthier carpet. Isn’t that something you can feel good about?

  The process:

  Carpet inspection-noting stains, traffic areas, any furniture to be moved,

     and any other customer concerns. 

  A deep vacuuming-important to remove bonded dry soils that break down

     your carpet fibers causing premature wear & discoloration.

  Spraying down our awesome cleaner which will quickly & efficiently

     penetrate the carpet fibers,  dissolving & lifting stains & embedded foreign

     particles for permanent removal.

  Use a powerful grooming brush to help break up the stubborn stains while

      it also helps lift  matted down nap.

  Extract the soil & stains.

  Treat any stubborn stains that were not removed during the cleaning

      process using the industries best spot removers.**

  Groom the carpet which will leave the fibers upright for fast drying and a

      beautiful clean appearance.

** certain stains could be permanent


  The benefits:

  Leaves you with super clean carpets that usually dry in 1-3 hours.

  Safe/non-toxic solutions for the family, kids, pets & environment.

  No dirt attracting soap or residue will keep your carpets cleaner, longer.

  No over wetting prevents mold, mildew, shrinkage & floor damage.


Upholstery Cleaning         

 Because upholstery comes in various fabric types and may require special manufacturers cleaning instructions, Crystal Clean will inspect and determine before hand the best way to properly clean the fabric. This will insure you the best cleaning results.

  The process:

  We will use our powerful, carbonated cleaner which will cut through

    difficult stains like a hot knife through butter. The cleaner once sprayed

     will break through extra tough stains, soil, body oils, allergens, and odors,

     lifting them to the surface where they will be thoroughly extracted.

  The benefits:

  Fresher, Quick Drying , & Healthier Upholstery

  Works on all types of upholstery fabrics

  Safe/ non-toxic

  Leaves no dirt attracting residue so your upholstery stays cleaner longer.

  Can be used to clean automobile & boat interiors as well as other upholstery items.

Dry Clean Upholstery - For those fabrics that can not be wet cleaned.  Our dry cleaning solution will not only lift soil and return fabrics to a high level appearance; it also leaves behind a fresh, clean fragrance, and is non-toxic.

** We also clean Haitian cottons. 

Leather & Vinyl Cleaning - Restore and prolong your leathers natural beauty. Our leather & vinyl cleaner will remove both surface dirt and dirt that has become trapped in the grain of the leather. In addition to effectively cleaning the leather our formula also deep conditions it, restoring the natural oils. The result is a soft supple look with no soil attracting residue left behind.

To start enjoying clean, fresh smelling upholstery Call Today!

Flood Damage

Flooded? Don’t Panic!!!

Crystal Clean will be there to provide quick-emergency service. Quick response is not only the key to saving your home or basement carpets, but more problems and $$$ as well.

  Our process is to:

  Extract any standing water.

  Clean the carpet, removing soil and contaminants.

  Apply an Anti-Microbial – prevents & kills Mold & Mildew.

  Get your carpets dry in the quickest time possible, preventing any further


So if the Flood gates open due to "heavy rains, faulty plumbing" or what ever the reason,



Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing 


  Here's How It Works

  Our no-sanding formula eliminates soil and contaminants while mechanically

      and chemically etching the floor to accept the finish.

   Then our repair products are used to make any necessary repairs to the

      floor's surface before applying the final finish.

   Finally, a unique catalyzed/water-based finish is applied leaving you with an

      ultra-hard, scratch resistant finish that will add years of life to your floors.

  Here's Why People Choose Our Method

  Dust-free/no mess.  Who wants to spend months cleaning up dust?

  No fumes/less odor means a much more comfortable situation for your


  Less $$ than the conventional way.  Who doesn't like to save?

  Dry that day.  How's that for convenience?








Protectors - Accidents and spills can cause permanent, unsightly damage 

to your expensive carpets and upholstery.  While no one can guarantee every spill or stain will

come out, protected carpets and upholstery gives you a fighting chance.


  Our Protector once applied will form an invisible shield around

    each fiber which will:

  Help repel both oil and water based stains, as well as those damaging dry


  Make vacuuming more effective.

  Help your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer. Thus extending their

      life and saving you money.

  Protect against even the toughest stains.” Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks etc…”

  To protect and extend the life of your fine furnishings

      Other Services:

  Drapery Cleaning

  We will clean your drapes right in your home. Our drapery cleaner contains

      special ingredients for safe and   effective cleaning of drapery fabrics. Our

      solution also:

  Contains a deodorant to reduce any odor problems.

  Is safe and non-toxic.

  Cleans without fear of shrinkage, wrinkling, or water stains.


  Auto, Boat, and RV interiors  

  Using our upholstery, Leather/vinyl, and carpet cleaning solutions and

     methods, we can effectively clean your Auto, Boat, and RV interiors right at

     your home. And they will be dry that day. How’s that for convenience?


 **Coming Soon** additional services for your convenience.



Crystal Clean

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